Instrument Services, Inc. Speedometer parts and cosmetics for the speedometer, as necessary, are quoted after technicians have completed a thorough analysis. For all instruments, no work is done until you receive a quote and authorize us to proceed with the Speedometer Repair or Restoration. If instrument restoration work or speedometer repair is denied after an assessment, an evaluation fee will be charged. Visit Our Web Store. ... Read More
If you're still hazy on separate bridal showers, the mother-son dance, the rehearsal dinner and other miscellaneous mother-of-the groom mysteries, don't fret—you're in the right place. Here's an etiquette roundup with the solutions you need to pull off your role perfectly. The groom's parents can then throw their own party, or both sets of parents can come together to host one jointly. The rehearsal dinner is the domain of the groom's parents. Traditionally, the groom's parents call on the bride's parents after their son announces the engagement. ... Read More
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Tampa, Fla. The sixth-round draft pick also missed an extra point and had another blocked. I was super confident going on the field. Finding a reliable kicker has been a challenge for the Bucs, who drafted Roberto Aguayo in the second round in only see him struggle as a rookie and eventually released in training camp the following year. He was drafted this year to compete with incumbent Cairo Santos in training camp. ... Read More
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Late in the s an explorer named William Bartram who was traveling near the headwaters of the Ogeechee River in what is now Georgia stumbled upon an extraordinary sight. On a great ridge covered with brush, he saw a huge area covered with vast pits licked into the clay. Some of the pits were over 6 feet deep, and the exposed earth in the pits varied from a deep dark yellow to red to a brilliant white. Roaming the area were a large variety of buffalo , deer , and other wild animals. The horses within the party seemed to know exactly what to do, and commenced to lick and bite at the exposed soil. ... Read More